Charity Rescues

There are several, amazingly hardworking rescue organisations on the island. If you are looking for a new best friend, why not start your search with one of them? The dogs in their care are desperate for new families willing to give them a second, and in some cases third or fourth, chance at a happy life. Not one dog abandoned to a rescue society has earned their place there, all of them have found their way into shelter through no fault of their own. Others are not so lucky and will find themselves being euthanised in a council pound.

A Word on Puppies

Anyone involved in rescue will tell you that one of the biggest age groups finding themselves being abandoned or 'returned' is the 7 months to just over a year. Every puppy/young dog of this age will have been someones cute puppy at one stage and they all have one thing in common, none have had any form of training. If you liken this to humans, it's the equivalent of allowing a child to run wild and then despairing of the out of control teenager he becomes. We all know whose fault it is. They are all looking for new homes for a variety of excuses but had they had some effort put in when they were small they probably wouldn't be.

If you are planning on taking on a puppy, the best thing you can do for yourself and your new baby is to take some time out and learn how to teach your pup to be the best dog he can be. Read books, research online, talk to a trainer, take him to classes, whatever you do, do something with him. Puppies are hard work, they are time consuming and they need you to teach them the right way to behave.

Research your chosen breed or breed mix; find out how big they will grow, how much they will eat, how much exercise they will need. Make sure your choice matches your situation, your time, and your budget. Don't let your puppy become one of the huge number of young dogs looking for a new home because you got it wrong.

The Kennel Klub

Kennel KlubTaking dogs from the pounds at the point of sacrifice and housing them in a private kennels until new homes can be found.

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Sara Protectora de Animales

SaraThe most well-known and most established shelter on the island, Sara houses over 200 puppies and dogs at any one time and over 150 cats.

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If you adopt a dog, puppy or adult, from any of the shelters or rescues in Lanzarote and would like to get their training started I offer a 20% discount for any one-to-one classes or group training booked within 4 weeks of adopting them.