Puppy Training

Give your new member of the family the best start possible

Puppies don't arrive knowing what we expect of them and what they can and can't do. On their first night, they don't know that the new home they are in is a loving, safe environment, all they know is they have been taken from their Mum and siblings and everything is new and scary. No wonder they cry.
They don't know they can't put everything in their mouths and bite and chew on it. They don't know that the big area outside is for toileting
, and the rug is not. Everything that you want them to learn, you have to teach them.

They are learning every minute of every day, so the best thing you can do for your new puppy is take a little time out to learn for yourself just how to help them do that in the most constructive and positive way.

Puppy Start Right Consult

I can come to you in the first few weeks of your new puppy's arrival and we can start him with the very basics of training. Even 7/8 week old puppies are open to learning sit, down, stand, stay etc. and they really, really love doing it. We can also go through all the do's and dont's of puppyhood; toilet training pitfalls, games to play with your puppy, how to stop biting and mouthing, how to prevent bad behaviours before they occur, and anything else that is specific to your situation and your puppy.
It's around a 2 hour session and will be the best money you ever spend on your pup.

Kenny, a 7 week old puppy, learning some basic training. Never too young to start.