One to one Dog Training

Dog Training and Behaviour Modification

One to one training either at your home or at my training centre in Macher. Each session is designed around you and your dog, and works towards what you personally would like to achieve.

SitIf your dog needs some basic obedience training and you can't commit to a full six week course, some one to one training may be perfect. Private training can be designed to fit in around you and your lifestyle, with each session leaving you with detailed instructions on how to continue the training at home.

We can also work on specific problem areas with your dog's behaviour; if he pulls on the lead, jumps up, chews, mouths, has toilet training issues, shows aggression, resource guarding, separation anxiety.
Some behaviour issues can't be, or are best not, dealt with in a class environment, and a one to one consult can give you a more relaxed, unpressured way to start to deal with the behaviour.

I would not hesitate in recommending Natalie's services to anyone!!
Natalie has helped me both with my own personal dogs and she also does a lot of work for us with the rescue dogs at The Kennel Klub.
Whether you decide to use Natalie's expert advice for the one to one sessions, or attend the training classes, you will not be disappointed!
She is very patient and relaxed with owner and dog!! This in my opinion is what leads to such excellent results!
The classes/sessions are well structured and are an excellent way to bond with your dog and learn how to understand him/her - they are also very good value for money!
Thanks again Natalie xx