Group Dog Training

A well-trained dog = Happy dog + Happy owner

Group training classes to suit all levels and abilities. Training courses are in sets of six classes, one hour a week, and with no more than six dogs per class.
Dogs of all ages are welcome. It's never too early or too late to start training your dog.

The classes are in a relaxed and friendly environment in my purpose-built training paddock in Macher. The classes give you the chance to work with your dog and learn how to keep him under control around other people and dogs. Your dog will love the opportunity to spend some quality one to one time with you and to socialise and meet some new 'doggy' friends.

All my training techniques are designed to get the best out of your dog without resorting to use of any sort of punishment or intimidation. Positive training yields the most solid, long-lasting results.

Basic Obedience Course

If you haven't done any training with your dog or puppy before this is the place to start. Over the six weeks we will cover all the basics: sit, down, stand, stay, heel, recall, eye contact, leave.
A great introduction to training and a great way to open your dog's mind up
learning. which he will love!

Further Training

There's no limit to how far you can go with your dog's training and further classes cover distance control, send-away, drop on command, scent work, retrieve and more....

IMDT Partnership

New to LoveDogs for 2015. As a fully assessed member of the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) I am authorised to issue certificates to dogs and their owners for reaching set levels of criteria in training.
Grade 1 includes: Loose lead walking, inspection (as if during a vet visit), sit, down, recall from play, a retrieve and a trick.

"I first called Natalie to help with my Boxer, Luca. I adopted him as a 2 year old and he was very insecure and not great with other dogs. I saw Natalie on a private basis first of all, she observed Luca's behaviour and advised on how to correct it and also suggested attending the dog training classes. I took her up on this and am really glad I did. By the end of the six week course (which incidentally I also think is excellent value for money), Luca was absolutely fine with the other dogs and couldn't wait to get to class to 'play'! He really enjoyed his time there. The classes are well structured but at the same time relaxed and of course fun for dog and owner! I had been to other 'old school' dog training classes elsewhere (with a different dog) and Natalie's way of teaching is much more fun and at the end of the day gave much better results. It was also a great way to bond with Luca and we both learned to understand one another better.
Luca still has the occasional growl at strange dogs but I feel much better equipped to deal with it now and know how to handle the situation which is all thanks to Natalie.
Luca also suffers from various medical issues and Natalie has always been more than happy to offer advice and comfort when needed, even after we finished our training course.
I would happily recommend Natalie's services to anybody - thanks Natalie!!"
Laura & Luca

"We took our puppy Sara to Natalie's training class. She is a completely different dog because of it.
She does sit, stay and leave perfectly and her barking is much reduced. Natalie also gave us advice on how to leave her alone as she suffered from separation anxiety. We are now able to leave the house without her.
Would recommend Natalie to anyone."

Nicola & Sara