Boarding Dogs

Small, personal, secure boarding for your dogs in comfortable surroundings. I only take a very limited number of dogs so that I can give each and every one of them the time and care that they need, allowing you to go away and leave your babies in a 'home from home' environment. Very small dogs are catered for in indoor, furnished rooms with communal play areas. Larger dogs have purpose-built 'chalets' and secure runs, with access to a large paddock for exercise and socialising.

With a training background I am always looking for ways to keep the dogs in my care happy and mentally stimulated. They are away from home, in an unfamiliar environment. The more occupied I can keep them, the less stressed they will be and the more they will enjoy their stay.

Play area (2)

Boarding Services

  • Indoor rooms for small, delicate breeds.
  • Astroturfed communal play area for the small dogs.
  • Insulated chalets with individual runs for larger dogs.
  • Raised 'coolaroo' beds, keeping the dogs off the cold floors in winter and allowing airflow in the summer.
  • Warm Microfibre blankets for cold nights.
  • Interactive feeding toys to keep dogs occupied.
  • Structured playtime.
  • Meals and times to suit their usual routine.
  • Time with other suitable dogs for the more sociable.
  • Daily photos and updates via Facebook, whatsapp or text.


  • Training sessions. Why not give your dog a quick refresher in his/her obedience, teach a new trick, or give me a specific problem area to work on.
  • Walks. Extra long walks, beach trips or town walks can be arranged for more active dogs used to walking several hours a day.

Residential Training

  • For owners who would like the basic obedience training started for them.
  • For training specific behavioural problems.

A two week program of training is the minimum. Contact me to discuss your dog's individual needs.

Day Boarding

  • Going off the island for a day
  • Extra hours at work
  • For younger dogs that don't cope with long periods alone
  • For the odd day or for regular days