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Dog Training, Behaviour Modification and Boarding in Lanzarote
Positive, reward based training using the most up to date, ethical methods. Helping owners to bond with and LOVE their dogs.


Natalie Sargent - IMDT

I have studied Canine Behaviour and Psycology, and Cynology with Compass Education and I am also a fully assessed member of the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers). I use only the most up to date training methods, and will never use any force or intimidation to achieve 'quick results'. All training is based on the dog's learning speed and capabilities and is designed to be as relaxing and rewarding as possible for your dog. This way your dog will love learning and never feel under any pressure to 'get it right' ensuring that we achieve long lasting and reliable training results.

My Institute of modern dog trainersaim is to help you to understand your dog and provide you with all the tools you need to keep your dog happy, healthy and ‘problem’ free.


Many dogs develop unwanted behaviours simply due to a lack of mental stimulation. For me your dog of course needs his physical needs taken care of; food, water, excercise, but he just as importantly needs his mind to be kept active. So many 'difficult' dogs simply need some ways to keep their brain active. This is especially important in puppies for the first year or so of their lives, too many pups are rehomed or given up to shelters around 7/8 months old as they develop their adult size but still retain their bad puppy behaviours. The majority have never had any form of training, and with just a small amount of effort when they were little it could have been avoided. ILove Dogsf you are getting a new puppy, take a look at the puppy training page. Get started young. Proactive training when they are little is so much easier, and preferable, to reactive training when they have developed problem behaviours.

I run several types of training to suit all levels of training and abilities. Group classes ranging from basic obedience to more advanced training with IMDT designed certificates to work towards. Private, one to one classes to deal with problem behaviours; aggression, fear, barking, chewing, digging, inappropriate toileting. Trick club to learn fun ways to train with your dog and keep their mind active.
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